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  1. Talontsi90

    Need Help With 'Factory Look' Build

    Your idea isnt a bad one, but the rear deck will need some bracing, so look into remaking the entire cover for that and incorporating the subs. Can you buy off eBay? You would be able to find that amp for $250USD leaving you a bit of room for the subs and mids/highs.
  2. Of course the wire is live on the battery side, but it cant contact the frame if the fuse blows. When youre running high current and say somehow the amp shorts to ground, the insulation will melt and then welcome to hell.
  3. Talontsi90

    Old School Roll Call

    Yea, i get that now. Thanks.
  4. Talontsi90

    Switching to SQ set up

    SQL is a programming language.
  5. Talontsi90

    STL installers

    Im gonna take a stab and say ive probably been installing longer than youve been alive. What the eff is your problem with just answering a question and not getting your panties in a wad over it? People have different tastes than you, get over it. Im trying to recommend someone to someone who is leery of both the dealer and CA shops in general, so the installer needs to be top notch. If you had a Gen V Dodge Viper and couldnt do your own work, wouldnt you want someone with insane skills to be the one to touch it?
  6. Talontsi90

    STL installers

    And you also cant read, i said i need to refer a friend, i do all my own work. Not plan an SPL box. But yea, it needs to be very high quality.
  7. Talontsi90

    STL installers

    Well, i hate to say it, but that pretty much disqualified your previous post, no offense. Not looking for that kind of system.
  8. Talontsi90

    Old School Roll Call

    Oh ok.
  9. Talontsi90

    Old School Roll Call

    Well, some might think you would need to post proof. Just asking. I prefer older stuff.
  10. Talontsi90

    STL installers

    Anyone know of a top notch place to get CA installed in STL? And by top notch i mean award winning installers, or at least their customers won because of the install, need to refer a friend.
  11. Talontsi90

    Old School Roll Call

    What qualifies one to be in this category?
  12. Talontsi90

    What happened to the internet?

    Yea, ive got a few issues from way back when. And yes, youre 100% correct on the stats bit, they only car about Android or Carplay these days. I had my 2017 Mazda 3 Gt 4 months before i realized there wasnt a CD player. That pissed me off cause i could swear the advert said it had one and i got it used. Now i have to add one and im insanely picky about what gear ill use.
  13. You cannot split loads like that and expect not to blow every fuse every time. Electricity takes the path of least resistance (it's futile to argue) and therefore will try to flow through all at once and blow them all. You only need one fuse per main wire, under the hood. Anything else is an amperage leak waiting to happen.
  14. Time Left: 26 days and 16 hours

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    Huge long shot, but does anyone have an old M style (pre P series) HU with the multi-disc controller?