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  1. Talontsi90

    What happened to the internet?

    You might have something there... but leave our car audio alone!
  2. Is it just me, or has a lot of older info just gone missing? Im trying to find some articles or pics on Frank Rougeau's award winning 1990 Civic and NOTHING comes up at all. I find that hard to believe. But, its not only that, its like the search engines are limiting results to the last 10 years or less for a LOT of stuff. Its kinda like someone took a data dump and archived it so the public couldnt find it.
  3. Talontsi90

    Best Class D 1200W China Amp? (2019)

    Ah yea, panel mount not PCB mount. Thanks
  4. Talontsi90

    Best Class D 1200W China Amp? (2019)

    Its late and i know ive seen that term before, but what is a tiffany style jack? All i could find is actual Tiffany store stuff.
  5. Talontsi90

    Best Class D 1200W China Amp? (2019)

    How many is a Brazilian?
  6. Talontsi90

    new rockville sub $259

    That list of "features" reads like it was translated from Chinese...
  7. Talontsi90

    Bass only on 1 side

    Bass is omni-directional, so, no. However, it may sound like it based on ^^^ that.
  8. Remember, the only difference between and amateur and a professional is, the pro gets paid. Doesnt mean they actually know more than the amateur.
  9. Hey, are all the x-overs the ones in your pics or might you have a pair of HP100's or HP350's?
  10. Talontsi90

    Factory sound processors?

    Thats not factory GM...
  11. Talontsi90


    No kidding!! Shooting herself right in the wallet.
  12. Talontsi90

    Factory sound processors?

    Why would you install anything factory? Its gonna be junk.
  13. Talontsi90


    The bitch literally said "i dont want 40yo white guys seeing my movie because it limits women from seeing it".
  14. Talontsi90

    1 dvc 4ohm and 1 dvc 2ohm?

    But, to answer your question... its not that simple. You can wire a sub to present a specific load to an amp, but when you have different "starting points" with different resistance voice coils, the amp will deliver different amounts of power based on the resistance load. If you have a 4 and an 8 ohm speaker, the 4 ohm will sound twice as loud as it has less resistance for the amp to push power to. If you had a dual 8ohm speaker, you could theoretically make it appear to be 4ohms to the amp, but im not 100% sure it would be the same loudness as the straight 4 ohm would, although the math says it should. Its trickier with a 2ohm vc cause its either 4 or 1 ohm, but the 4ohm vc is 8 or 2. And you cant wire the subs 4 to 2 (3 ohm load) on each side and get the same volume either, at least im not 100% sure on that. Maybe someone else can chime in.