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    For those JL Audio guys out there if you have and old blown w7 they will send a fully refurbished sub if its sent to them from you through a certified dealer I have 12w7 and basically paid an Ebay price for a brand new sub $560 shipped and theres also a three day turnover on specific models Original box is good to have also or its extra I got one with a seized voice coil off ebay and I found this info after running damage control seeing as this is the very last component for my set up I'm $4500 in a needing this sub to finish cant stop when im almost at the finish line
  2. I'm a quality over quantity guy I believe that you get what you pay for. I just cant keep paying $1000 for subs (I do believe amps need to be of a better quality if I have to save for that I will) and yes I am looking to upgrade big 3 check, agm battery check, all %100 copper wiring and size check, properly fused connections and properly grounded electrical system check, and 220 amp alternator check. That's more than enough for my needs and the hardest part of it all if you're asking me. I'm just kinda like you it may be time to try something new cause honestly i though that the way jl came with the w series of subs they would have already came with something newer by now but if it ain't broke dont fix it cant blame them for that. Oh and I think from the descriptions I've read that I'm an sq guy definitely not spl. Lol I ain't trying to win no contests but I like the bass
  3. So what are some of the subs (that perform the same as or better but less pricey) and amps (as far as Korean boards go) would you suggest to a jl guy being a former one yourself
  4. Why do so many people talk bad. About Jl audio. I personally from experience know their quality. I still have the original jlw7 from about 12 years ago not that I was pushing it the way some of you guys do but it does have the jl 500 hooked up to it and it's never blown nor does the cone show any wear and tear I had to get it refoamed cause of rotting issues but aside from that it literally still sounds the same. I'm not saying that those other subs like sundown, critical mass, etc. arent everything that they say they are but you gotta give credit we're credit is due. The same exact design from 12 or more years ago. Aside from cosmetic differences this line of subs stays in the top ten as far as subs you should buy goes and even though it is pricey I got 12 years out mines and I guarantee anybody that likes nice sound systems that's been beating in that timeframe has spent way more. The only thing I can say is unlike alot of bassheads I actually kept my wattage within the warranties limits lmaol (call me lame) but i like them so much i bout another one after 12 years cause now i have bigger car.
  5. Thank you Blazian and Jeffdachef for your insight. So you guys think my stock alternator is sufficient? I was basing that aspect of my question on my past experience with JL. Usually when I first get my beats hooked up with JL equipment it works fine at first but after a month or so then I get the common power issues dimming lights, etc. just kinda trying to cut out any possible bumps in the road cause this summer I'll be traveling in my car and any kinks I can workout now i want jump on
  6. Yea I wanted the 1000/1's but I want my kids eardrums to develop before I bust them. They like them but haven't been around the bass long lol I gotta ease them in. What's an AGM? I'm not well versed on the bass head lingo my bad hell I had to Google big 3 lol. I kinda figured the big 3 was an automatic thing I needed to do after seeing a freakish accident on another forum in a car with the same engine and a HO. Gotta make sure I fuse it close to the HO and make sure I got good ground. I have an extra regular car battery will that work as far as the trunk is concerned?
  7. Hi there Bassheads. I'm new here and I'm putting my own system together for the 1st time with no help from the local shops as far ability to install mechanically im great at that but I've never been good at the technical part I usually take whatever advice the shop gives me and they do the rest eventhough im very capable of installing my own system. I'm a huge Jl audio fan so I have 2 12w7's 2, 2 jl 500/1 ( i would do 2 jl 1000/1's but that would be to much for my current vehicle and my kids). Anyhow I will also be using a jl a1200 amp for my interiors and yes I know my amps are older but I already know what they are capable of and that's sufficient for me. My question is that Im driving a 1999 oldsmobile eighty eight fully loaded electric everything thing and my concern is extra batteries or HO alternator i know I'll need atleast one of the 2 because in my history and knowledge of jl amps they draw a lot of current and with my car having so many electrical components Im sure I'll get dimming lights @some point. Now I don't do alot of bassing without my car running its a forced habit due to past battery and alternator nightmares that were real so batteries really wont come in to play (If I'm correct). However i would like to know if i should change my stock battery, do a big 3 (I actually am a mechanic), how much more amperage should have from my HO (200, 220, 250 amps are the ones I found available for my car stock is 140 amps), and eventhough I know its safe I don't like the thought of having those batteries or bass caps in my trunk for nothing. Cause I pretty much dont bass with out it running. Can anyone tell me if I'm headed in the right direction, if not point me that way, and if so can I get some suggestions or opinions on my set up. i already have the equipment so changing brands and getting different amps and subs isn't a possibility. I am not good at understanding the calculations with amperage Thats why im asking