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  1. Hi, I was hoping someone could assist me. I decided to upgrade my system by adding an additional Amp. I have Two baseworkz 1500watt 4ohm 12 inch subwoofers, and now have Two Hertz hdp-1 amps. Both Amps are mono, 1000w 2ohm, 600w 4ohm. They both have the ability to have two subs hooked up for a total 4. I only want to hook up two subs, one to each amp. What would be the best way to do this? Would I splice the positives and negatives together on one amp to one sub? Or maybe one positive and negative from each amp to one sub? Or Being a mono amp do I simply wire into one speaker terminal and then get full power to one speaker? Another question I have is the amps have a pre out RCA cable, would it be better to split the rca cable before going into the first amp, or better to just use the preout on the first amp to the second? Not sure if it's make a difference either way. I'm 100% new to running duel amps any help would be huge.