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  1. Hello, Apologies for my first post being a help one. In our new (to us) car, a Corsa D, the previous owner fitted extra speakers in the parcel shelf and a new stereo. I've removed the speakers and replaced the stereo with the original (Kenwood one was damaged), but have discovered that the front and rear built in speakers are now both set as front speakers as far as the fader is concerned. I'd like to address this (teenagers like louder music than I do). I'd be very grateful for any advice on how he might have done this please. Would it be near the stereo, or would I need to look in the doors? I suspect it will have been done the easiest way possible, as all the changes felt somewhat amateur (stereo was partly glue-gunned in, one speaker connections are twisted wires) I'm grateful for any adcice. Thanks Jay