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  1. I originally bought a component alpine set of speakers. The (SPS 610-C) I bought them used off ebay; they didn't come with the tweeters. I wired the woofers into the stock wiring and used the stock tweeters of my chevy cruze. Just a few years later I bought a box of nice new aftermarket tweeters to better my sound. Not the ones that are made with the component set. Ive wired the tweeters to the inline crossover it came with and then wired that to the woofer. I unplugged the stock cruze tweeter. I hear a buzzing noise from new tweeter I don't know why. My only guess is that the factory wiring for the tweeter is still plugged into my head unit harness or something else and it's unhappy that I am using woofer terminals for different tweeters. I can't trace wether the stock tweeter wiring is going to because it is somewhere routed to the roof of my car.