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  1. Garrett Griggs

    Whats wrong with my subs?

    Appreciate the response. I would take it to the original shop but I moved about 2 hours away from the shop. There is a place that said they'd check it for free.
  2. Garrett Griggs

    Whats wrong with my subs?

    To start off this topic I would like to say firstly I have not technically savvy with sound systems and did not put the equipment in myself. I took it to a shop. Now I currently have a 2016 Custom Jeep Wrangler that my family had bought me for a birthday gift 3 years ago. Shortly after buying it we had a completely different sound system installed with a Kenwood DDX9702S, 2 Kicker 10' subs, new tweeters, a 1500w amp and a 900w amp (Kicker and a Skar). With all these being said for 2 years the entire sound system had worked perfectly and had no issues. About 8-9 months ago I was driving and had noticed while music was playing that any and all bass coming from the subs had completely stopped and didnt work again for weeks. Over the course of I'd say 3-4 months I could probably count on 2 hands the amount of times the subs randomly started blaring again but for different intervals. Sometimes it would only be about 10-15 seconds or sometimes it would be for 1-2 mins but they would eventually stop again and I haven't heard anything in months. I am going to finally be taking it in soon to see what the problem is but I wanted to ask here incase anyone had an idea and I dont get completely ripped off. If anyone wonders why I haven't taken it in, It started off as laziness but over the past 1-2 months theres been remodeling done in my home and I haven't really had much time to take it in. Any help is appreciated! If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'll be paying attention to this thread.