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  1. Just finished my amp install (brand new memphis prx1000.1 mono) and was going to wiring my Two 4ohm dual coil Sundown Ev3 10" subs in parallel to achieve 1 ohm this morning. After speaking with the authorized dealer for almost an hour yesterdsy, he made it pretty clear that he was sure sundowns love the airspace. And that my sealed underseat box (forward facing twin Chambers w/ 2.33 inside cu ft before sub mount) would work great. After installing everything I get ready to tune my amp and just barely adjusting till clipping and rattles begin to which I backed off immediatly. I have not even played an entire song through them. I pull the subs to check everything out and test the impedences on every coil and am reading a steady 2 ohm across the board. I wish I would have thought to do so before ever evening wiring them. So my question is did I just ruin my brand new subs before I even got to play a song? I can barely even have the gain turned up a hair from being completely turned off. Is this all due to my enclosure size or what? Other notes -memphis 4gauge install kit used -Memphis was ran in left hand side race way, audio and turn on in passenger side raceway. -Have not turned abused them by inpulsive amp maxxing. -After whiting subs in parrelell I tested the wire ends before connecting to amp and couldn't get anything other than 0 impedence. Any input would be great, did I kill after the ohms of my subs? Would that short time testing trying to mess with settings and figure out the problem be enough to do this to my subs. I'm going to add extra walls in my box to achieve .5 cu ft like the specs recommended but worried I won't be able to achieve my 1ohm goal now. Thanks.
  2. HollowHills

    Two 400 watt amps vs one 800 watt amp

    thanks for the replies. I am aware of kicker and there standings in the car audio world. But it happens to be what I'm working with for now and didnt cost nothing to obtain them.i will say though I did have one of them in my work truck and it surprised the hell out of me. course everything was dialed in from then wiring to the sealed enclosure I built. But then reason I'm even considering a second 400 is because I have a buddy with the exact amp, zx400.1 he was gonna sell next to nothing. got a new born and wife is out of work so money is tight
  3. HollowHills

    Two 400 watt amps vs one 800 watt amp

    This is my first time in the forums so it's great to meet everyone. Im installing two kicker compvr 10" 2 ohm subs in an underseat box in my Silverado. each sub performs at 400 watts rms. I currently have a kicker zx400.1 amplifier from when I was just running one of those 10s. so my question is what are some thoughts, pros and cons to going with two seperate 400 watt amps vs one 800watt amp. just figured it's cheaper to buy a 400watt and give each sub it's own amp. thanks for any help.