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  1. I have a 1993 Honda Accord. Already changed the door and deck speakers. Sounds clear and crisp with the new speakers, now the question is do I get one or two 12 inch subs in a ported box? My door and deck speakers are both 300 watts rms. Deck speakers 6x9 4-way and door speakers 5.25 inch 3-way. Also have aftermarket head unit. I’m looking at MTX terminator dual 12s, but not sure if two 12s will drown out my door and deck speakers. I want a perfect balance with my subwoofers and door and deck speakers.
  2. So I got some money together and a better job. I want something where I look at it, I can say “this mf is bulletproof” I’m going to have a friend build me a sealed box. I am not sure if I want two 12s or two 15s or one 12 or one 15. Which setup should I choose? Is having two subs better than one? I know one sub with more surface area and more watts will be better than let’s say 2 subs with half the surface area and half the watts. But there is so much I want, but I can’t choose a setup. So here I am coming to you guys for some help! Thank you!
  3. Price range I’m looking at around $500-$800 vehicle depends, right now I have a 1993 Honda Accord but by the time I get the items I want I’ll have a newer car by then.
  4. Depending on the door speakers, I would not connect those to the head unit. Personally I would have two different amps. One amp for the speakers and the second amp for the subs. I’d purchase an aftermarket head unit as well, something like Kenwood or Pioneer. Also I learned a lot about car audio from Crutchfield and CarAudioFabrication on YouTube. Best of luck!
  5. Hi! So my current setup are Dual 6x9 200w rear deck and Dual 5.25 in the front doors. I’m wanting to know if it would be possible to mount 6x9 speakers in the rear doors and splice them to existing wires. Would this cause any issues with power to my speakers? Would doing this result in screwing up my head unit at all? I have an aftermarket Sony head unit, I don’t know the exact model. Thanks!
  6. You will also need to purchase amplifier installation kit or something. This is what I bought, it comes with everything you need.
  7. You would be better off using the amp that comes with everything. Stock amp isn’t too good, using the amp that you bought will help your sound system run better. And since you don’t want to run too loud in sound, after installing everything just tune your EQ and LPF and that stuff, go into the settings of your head unit and mess around with the settings and figure out what sounds best to you. Best of luck!