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  1. after another 6 hours of working on it😅 I ended up fixing it. To be completely honest I have no idea what fixed it. I rewired my amp to my subs, which didn't fix it. I kept testing my RCA cables and the voltage coming from them was really low(0.1-0.6 volts) so I took out my HU completely and dismantled it(I had done it before with some previous issues) didn't see any no broken solder points or anything. put it all back together and everything works now.
  2. Hey everyone! I have a box with two 12in subs with a boss AR3000D Amp. 4 days ago I came home and it was working fine but when I left again everything was working except the subs. I have reseated all the connections, checked all the grounds for any sort of interference. I’ve checked the voice coils in the subs and there isn’t any sort of scratching or anything. They’re 4 ohm and they measure 3.2. I tested the RCA cables and I couldn’t get a solid read so I bought new ones just in case and still nothing. All fuses are good. Anyone know anything that can help? I appreciate it!