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  1. Hi there. I'm just swapping my old gear to a new car but it sounds totally off in the new car. The car the gear came out of, '14 grand caravan, was my first speaker/amplifier build and it was pretty straight forward: bolt, screw, cut splice, color match etc. New car has different speaker connections: there are 4 wires instead of 2 and they're all different colors from the head unit wire colors. So far I've tried different color combinations from the 4 input wires to the crossover but nothing seems to make much difference. gear: polk db6502+ component, and coaxial, pioneer 4x100w amp, JL 500x1 amp, JL 12v3v4, KMM bt318U head unit. what I've done so far: installed front components, sub, amplifiers, piggy backed speaker wires from head unit. Basically everything's installed minus the rear coaxial speakers i have, so stock rear speakers are hooked up to stock wiring. I haven't tried disconnecting the rear speaker signal wires from the amp yet. good idea? will I have to run new speaker wires from head unit to speakers? was hoping to avoid this let me know if some pictures would be helpful. thanks in advanced