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  1. I want a new audio setup to be as hidden and factory looking as possible. The shelf behind my rear seats have two factory freeair 8" 'subs', so to retain boot space, and factory look Im thinking of Dynamatting the shelf and chucking two new subs in there (I know this is nowhere as good as a box). I'm in Australia (brand selection is very limited) but I'm considering the 5 chan. Kicker KXA800.5 Amp to power new component Kicker door speakers and the Subs. 1) Would 2x Kicker 8" CWCS84 4ohm, SVC, 200W RMS subs work efficiently on the above AMP's sub channel in parallel or am I misunderstanding specs? 2) I'm also open to alternate brands etc. for the whole system. The Australian website im going off is https://www.ryda.com.au (all prices are in Aussie dollars). I have an android head unit already and my 4 door speakers are all 6.5". Front of the sedan has factory tweeter locations for splits. My total budget for Amp, 4 Door Speakers, Subs, Wiring is AU$1500. Any help would be much appreciated 😊