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    Need help with Thump from Locking doors

    Fixed my problem by connecting my head unit's ground to my amps ground location. No more thumps.
  2. Hi. I just installed a 5 channel Amp and after marker stereo in my car. Amp runs the Speakers and Sub. Now I had a problem that whenever I turn the car off the speakers and sub would all Thump so I found out that I could hook the amp turn on wire (Blue wire) from the amp to my accessory/ignition wire (sometimes Red wire) from my car and that stopped the turn off thump... But it did not stop the other thumps I was having that come from all kinds of electrical things in my car like power windows, Power locks, turn signals and so on. So my problem is that I don't know how to wire it so that thump from power windows, Turn signals and so on is just gone. Thanks!
  3. What if I put these up front https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BGRMD4C/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A1O9Z3VYY71U6N&psc=1 with the other coaxial 2 ways in the back with the sub? I'm not so big on wanting to rock the world with Base so that's why I was going with an 8" sub. To be honest I haven't tried any other size for a sub (I had an 8" in my last car and thought it sounded pretty good) I just looked all over the web and found that most people say to go with an 8" if you want good solid base. What size would you suggest? I'm open to any ideas.
  4. Kicker 41dsc684 6x8 2 way speakers. Kicker 43cst204 3/4" tweeters. Kicker 40cwd84 8" sub. I don't have an amp picked out yet and I'm doing one pair of tweeters in the front.
  5. Hi, I'm to this forum. I actually joined just to ask this question. How do you wire 4 speakers a Sub and 2 Tweeters to a 5 Channel Amp? Would you wire each Speaker to a channel, the Sub to one channel and then wire each Tweeter to like the front Speakers? (Hope that makes sense) also if this works, would it really make the Tweeters sound amplified? Thanks.