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  1. You Dig

    Looking for wiring advice

    Hey dog. I can make some estiimated guesses but it already seems like you are on the right track. I found a youtube channel that is reviewing your emprime 7010b. I know you said amprime but the emprime worked. Hope you already have it installed by now but here's a copy of the URL
  2. You Dig

    Looking for wiring advice

    Would it be ok to run the speaker wire from the head unit to the high level input on the 4 channel, and use the RCAs for the 2 channel sub amp? Yes. That is exactly what you should do and it is okay to do it that way. Perfectly fine. What kind of head unit? If it has only one pair of preamp outputs... you know where I'm going with this. Adding RCA splitters will cut voltage in half resulting in lower quality sound. Might be time to upgrade. Idk