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    Looking for wiring advice

    Thank you for the link to the video. Hopefully it'll help anyone else who might have been in that situation. I had major issues with the unit once it was all wired in. I think it was used as a basketball during shipping. The screen flickered, and the speakers cut in and out kind of like static but only when bumped or shaken. So in the end it was returned for a US made unit. It works and sounds great now. The newer unit actually has the pink and orange wires labeled unlike the Chinese one.
  2. Is there a way to install two amps when the head unit has only 2 RCA (left and right) coming out? I have a 4 channel amp for the doors, and a separate amp for 12" sub box. Do I just use a splitter on the RCAs and run 4 to the 4 channel amp, and 2 over to the 2 channel sub amp? Would it be ok to run the speaker wire from the head unit to the high level input on the 4 channel, and use the RCAs for the 2 channel sub amp? It's been decades since I did this kind of stuff, and back then I didn't even pay attention to what I was doing. As a highschooler I didn't care to think about ohms and RMS vs Peak. But this is going to eventually be my sons Jeep and I want to make sure I get it right and not over work any of the new equipment. Thank you for any help.