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  1. Hello Gents! I am new to the forum but not new to systems. However most of you are far more advanced than me based on some threads here. I am looking to upgrade my current sub set up. I have 2 Kicker L7s in a sealed box with a Lanzar Opti2000d amp. It's a 2 ohm set up @1100 w rms. I do have Infinity 6.5s as well. I am just not happy with the sound. I listen to 70% metal/rock like Avenged Sevenfold and Rush. The rest is current hip hop. The car is an Acura MDX with plenty of room, but I still need to leave room for other hobbies and gear in the back. I don't have the skills or time to learn how to make my own custom box at the moment so I am looking to find someone in NJ that can help me with a build. As far as new subs I am leaning towards 2 SA12s or Image Dynamics but I am open to suggestions. The 2 places I have used in the past for installs don't really do custom stuff like making sure I am building the right box parameters for my purposes. Any ideas? And what about having one built by someone like CherryMan customs? Those wouldn't be loaded with my subs though. I am open to all thoughts and advice. Thank you!
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    Thanks for the heads up Pop! I have an Acura MDX so I have room but I also need space for fishing gear and other hobbies. Right now I just want to replace the box and run with the amp I have. I'm currently building up my boat audio system as well so that is taking up a LOT of money lol. Stock electrical system and my gain is about 2/3 up if that helps. At 2 ohms is puts out 1100rms. Open to any ideas/advice you have. Thanks brother!
  3. FreddyNJ

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    Hello Ladies and Gents! I am new to this forum but not new to the game haha. I'm 45 and live in NJ and have no plans and turning my bass down. I hope I came to the right spot 😉 I've had several systems over the years, from a 2-10 inch band bass set up to my current 2 Kicker L7s in a sealed box. I'm actually looking to change my set up as I am not happy with the Kickers. I have been running them for 10 years. First with my old PPI amp and the last 6 years with my Lanzar Opti 2000d amp at 2 ohms. I'm thinking up stepping up to a tuned box with 2 - 12s. Either Sundowns or Image Dynamic. Open to suggestions. But I need a builder hopefully close to me in NJ. I also posted in the NE Regional section but it doesn't seem to be very active. Anyway a lot of you guys really know your sh!t so I am looking forward to learning from you all. Thank you!!🍻 Freddy
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    Hey BigAudiofanatic...you still doing work in NJ? I'm up in Northern NJ and I am looking to change my sub set up. Currently have 2 Kicler L7s (10 inch) with a Lanzar Opti 2000d amp. Please let me know if this something you are interesting in talking about. Thank you! Fred