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  1. Mark Wissman

    Hydraulic crimper dies question

    Since you were the only one who WASN'T a total d**k in your response I will say thanks. I wasn't inquiring about what size wire to run. I thought my question was pretty simple. Who gives a f**k what crimper set I have. I just wanted to know what size die matches up to what size terminal to get a proper crimp? Obviously I wouldn't use a #16 die to crimp 1/0 terminals because I can see with the naked eye it is too small.
  2. What number dies in my kit I bought are perfect for 1/0, 4, and 8 gauge crimping?
  3. I am going to install an LCQ1 to my 2012 Jeep GC with a factory amplifier. Audio Control installation instructions say the LCQ1 goes between my factory amp and my aftermarket amps. Does anyone have the schematics for a Jeep factory amp so I know what color of wires are for the front, rear and sub outputs? In other words what wires connect the factory amp to the inputs on the LCQ1?