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  1. Radcman7

    Anyone running NVX speakers

    Yea haven't had much luck on other forums either. Seems to be relatively new brand and not high end so it's hard to get good info. I agree all their other equipment I've seen has bee nicely built. I feel they fit in that weird space of Nicer than low end but not quite as nice as mid level. For $80 may give them a try.
  2. Radcman7

    Anyone running NVX speakers

    Planning a new build and I was going to pull all equipment out of my truck to reuse, but then I'd have to buy new equipment to replace prior to selling. I'm looking at doing a budget build. Planning on taking my pioneer headunit and NVX JAD900.5 amp and leave the rest. I was really impressed by the amp so I started looking into what else they offer. They have a pretty cheap set of component speakers, NVX VSP65 looks like a solid speaker for the price range, and the rear doors take 6x8 so figured I'd get the NVX VSP68 as well. Going to run them with a Sundown SA-8 V3. Just looking to see if anyone else runs them. Seem to have pretty good reviews.
  3. Radcman7

    Need Help with a new build

    Yea, I figured, I'll just run with it. The system in my scion was so heavy on an already heavy vehicle. Not looking to get into all that again, at least not for a while. Also I saw a post from Jacob at sundown saying underpowering the subs you could do a slightly larger box. Website Recomments .5-.75 cu on rated rms or slightly more, what about slightly less could I do like .8-1cu or keep it at the recommended?
  4. Radcman7

    Need Help with a new build

    Yea I have no problem building my box. The 8s more or less for space saving. My previous vehicle I was running two sets of Rockford fosgate t2 components, rf power t400.4, two rf power t1000.1 one for each sundown sa-12. All in a scion tc. Not super high end, but I spent a good bit on that setup. Now I'm focusing more or less on a lower budget build just want something decent not really looking to get crazy loud. I think I'll try the sa-8 out and worse case sell it and move up to a 10 or 12.
  5. Radcman7

    Need Help with a new build

    I'd like to keep the whole build under $500, which is why I wanted to reuse what I have.
  6. I'm getting a 10-13 Mazda 3 Hatchback pretty soon now. I'm trying to decide if I want to keep my current system or upgrade it. Just looking for some advice. Current system Pioneer AVH-X4700BS headunit NVX JAD 900.5 5 channel amp 75w x 4 at 4ohm 440w x 1 at 2ohm Polk audio db 6.5 components and coaxial Sundown SD3-10 in underseat truck box. Option one would be swap the shallow sd3-10 for a sundown sa-8 v3 in a ported box, how would it be on 440w at 2ohms. Maybe swap the 6.5" coaxial for 6x8 coaxial for rear door. I'm sure the ported sa-8 would have more bang then the 10 in a sealed box, cheapest option option two would be upgrade the amp and do the sa-8. I want to keep a 5 channel for easy and less space. I was looking at the hifonics brutus btx 60w x 4 at 4ohm and 750w at 2ohm 1000w at 1ohm, loose power to speakers but gain power in sub stage or the soundstream t5.2500DL 75w x 4 at 4ohm, 500w at 2ohm and 750w at 1ohm. would cost a bit more but is the cost of a new amp worth the gain? option three upgrade to one of the amps and do the x-8, most costly of the three options. Any other options, I want to keep a 5-channel amp and do a single 8" as long as I can do that I'm open to any suggestions. I'm happy with the speakers so don't really find a need to change them. just looking for my best option for low end. Not looking for SPL or SQ just something that's easy to listen to without breaking the bank.