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  1. cjfamman

    Helix DSP tuning help

    Thanks for the ideas Jeffthechef. I checked the rcas the first when I first installed the helix and it sounded very wrong, found that my tweeters were switched(had different colors than black and red going from the 80prs). I decided to go with one set of rca to the helix. I am not going to go the highlevel route because I would have to run new wiring to the back cargo area and there is no noticeable distortion from the rcas. I made sure I set everything to flat and deleted all presets so I could have a clean signal coming out of the 80prs, but I will check the speaker polarity tomorrow. thanks.
  2. cjfamman

    Helix DSP tuning help

    Hi everyone, I have installed my helix dsp mini and have been playing with the tuning of my car for about 2 weeks now. I am using a pioneer 80prs in standard mode with single rca from front outs to the helix. I had my system near perfect in network mode but I am upgrading my headunit to a touch screen with hires playback(mostly because a botched Bluetooth update so no bluetooth) soon so I put in a dsp. I am having trouble taming the tweeters. the input sensitivity is all the way down on the helix and I had to turn the gain on the amp to the lowest with about -7 to -10 decibles in the software to somewhat match the mids. I am having trouble getting the imaging I would like. the music and vocals all sound like they are coming from the far right of the passenger dash and I cant seem to move it. I did all my measurements in inches with a tape measure to the headrest. Should I change these numbers? I have been trying to level match the left and right for the last 3 days but sound just ends up off.(im not sure if I was using rew correctly) I am on here for some help in these areas because my ears are getting fatigued(especially the left one) and during my silence break maybe someone could give me some insight before I go back at it. Let me know if I need to add any more info. Here is my setup:Pics are of the software 2013 Honda Crv Pioneer 80prs (soon to be kenwood excelon ddx9905s or 9904s) Amps: all boston acoustics Highs - GT-20 Mids - GT-2200 Sub - GTA-800m Tweeters- Cdt drt-25 1500hz-20000hz in the sail panels of the door Mids - CDT hd-6m 10hz - 3000hz Factory door location sub - Dayton audio ref 12 d4