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  1. Hi folks. I've quickly joined this forum to just drop by and see if anyone can help me out please? This has got me round the bloody bend. I have a new Citroen Nemo van, fitted with a very basic 'integrated' CD player/radio. It has MP3 written on it above the CD slot. I norticed on YouTube there's a few videos, many in foreign languages, showing how you can buy a 3.5mm phone jack plug lead and connect it simply (ha!) to the head unit then onto a phone to play phone content via the AUX function. This AUX function is a two keypress on the CD button. It doesn't come up on mine as I assume it only becomes active once the lead is correctly connected. Herein lies the problem. There are a few videos which show the lead simply being plugged into the RED left-most area of the connections and working perfectly. When I bought the lead (specifically sold for this function), I expected this to be a 30 second job and bob's-your-uncle. Not so unfortunately. This doesn't work. I then delved into more YT videos and there are an equal number of videos where people are soldering spade connectors onto 3-core and appear to be connecting into the GREEN right-most area...and possible a couple even showing the linking out of 'DATA-OUT' and 'DATA-IN'. On my photo of the actual pin blocks, you'll notice that 2 pins appear bent, I noticed this and straightened them and am 99% certain they are making connection when the plug is in. I've attached 3 photos....the lead, the wiring/terminal schematic, and the actual terminal block. Can anyone please put me out of my misery and offer any solid advice please? Here are 2 'opposing' YT videos... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuSuDgwIogE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPzbgLT2iJY Much appreciated.