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  1. I don't understand why low voltage can blow up the amp? To my understanding is too low voltage would just make the amp doesn't work right?
  2. Ok, i parallel'd my power supply at 14.8V now and now drops to only 13.8V and draws ±18A. It did reach 22A but it's a bit distorted, so i pulled back the gain. I actually wanted to install 1.2F caps, but the cap died, maybe i'll buy a new battery later. I'm using ± because the refresh rate of my current and voltage meter is too fast, so i average it with my eyeballs.
  3. Yeah, it's a standalone power supply rated at 40 amps
  4. Alright, i set my PSU @14.3V at idle, It dips @±12.5 - 13V under load, is it enough?
  5. Ah yes, i totally forgot that impedance is reactive. Speaking of voltage, is it ok to set it above 13V? I don't know much about amp sweet spot voltage though. Since i'm using a variable power supply, any voltage is adjustable. Thanks for the response 😉
  6. My amp is Soundstream Tarantula TR800/5 it sounds really good for class A/B and the sub output rated at 400W @2 ohms -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This what shakes my head I have a current measuring device with a shunt. At full tilt it draws ±18 Amps @±11.7V, that is around ±250 watts w/ headunit and et cetera. I thought "maybe this amp is shot considering it's old" right? Well, i grabbed my multimeter and measured ACV at full tilt and the results is 30ACV @2Ohms. I froze for a second because i freaked out "this amp delivers 450 - 500 Watts RMS yet my current measuring device say it's drawing ±19 Amps??!! WHAT??!" Can someone shed a light with this? I'm totally confused right now. 😂😂😂