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  1. qoqzgood

    Please help me with this weird audio problem...

    Well, good to know the boss amp still suck lol
  2. qoqzgood

    Please help me with this weird audio problem...

    In my experience, good rca cables with rca ground loop isolator fixed the problem. IF you want to do the job properly, you can buy another noise filter for both the amp and the HU. If the noise filter fixed the problem, you won't need the rca ground loop isolator since it reduces sound quality. Edit: if you can, that boss amp is not the best, probably a new amp is less hassling, rather than Frankenstein wiring ground isolator noise filter mumbo jumbo.
  3. What amp r u using? I have a same problem but solved by changing my amp.
  4. qoqzgood

    Just 4 fun

    Assuming there is unlimited budget, what SQ setup that is the best of the best in 2019?
  5. qoqzgood

    Looking for wiring advice

    I assume your amps don't have pre out, go buy a DSP since you'll do this job properly. not only it has time alignment and better EQ, you can also use active x over which will dramatically improves SQ compared to analog built in stuff. You can use rca splitter, but it's kinda a hackjob. It will probably strain the HU preout harder and potentially ruin your SQ. It is better to use the high input instead with the rca to the monoblock. Quite costly but maybe a good product since I've never tried this https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_107761_AudioControl-DM-810.html Trust me, 150$ speaker will sound amazing with good settings and it makes speaker upgrade worth it.
  6. qoqzgood

    What amp to get with specific speakers.

    These new Pioneer GM series lineup has pretty good power and surpass the power rating, check it out https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_63974_Pioneer-GM-D8604.html Too much power is not a thing in my book, as long as you gain the amp to proper level with good tuning if you're running active crossover. In my experience, when i'm using a overkill amp, not only it outputs always clean power but also better low noise performance. It's kinda scary tho setting my gain super low 😂
  7. I don't understand why low voltage can blow up the amp? To my understanding is too low voltage would just make the amp doesn't work right?
  8. Ok, i parallel'd my power supply at 14.8V now and now drops to only 13.8V and draws ±18A. It did reach 22A but it's a bit distorted, so i pulled back the gain. I actually wanted to install 1.2F caps, but the cap died, maybe i'll buy a new battery later. I'm using ± because the refresh rate of my current and voltage meter is too fast, so i average it with my eyeballs.
  9. Yeah, it's a standalone power supply rated at 40 amps
  10. Alright, i set my PSU @14.3V at idle, It dips @±12.5 - 13V under load, is it enough?
  11. Ah yes, i totally forgot that impedance is reactive. Speaking of voltage, is it ok to set it above 13V? I don't know much about amp sweet spot voltage though. Since i'm using a variable power supply, any voltage is adjustable. Thanks for the response 😉
  12. My amp is Soundstream Tarantula TR800/5 it sounds really good for class A/B and the sub output rated at 400W @2 ohms -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This what shakes my head I have a current measuring device with a shunt. At full tilt it draws ±18 Amps @±11.7V, that is around ±250 watts w/ headunit and et cetera. I thought "maybe this amp is shot considering it's old" right? Well, i grabbed my multimeter and measured ACV at full tilt and the results is 30ACV @2Ohms. I froze for a second because i freaked out "this amp delivers 450 - 500 Watts RMS yet my current measuring device say it's drawing ±19 Amps??!! WHAT??!" Can someone shed a light with this? I'm totally confused right now. 😂😂😂