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  1. Hi all. I am finally sorting out stereo in older Land Rover Defender and am fitting Pioneer TS-V10 speakers in front dash with a Pioneer GM-D1004 amp. Amp is 4-channel at 45W RMS and speakers rated at 60W - its physical size is main attraction as small and will do enough to boost sound in what is a noisy truck anyway. Guy selling speakers reckons 60W for V10s is a conservative rating though and they will be happy with more input. I was thinking that I could bridge amp output so have 90w RMS on 2 channels. Would this be too much for the V10s - or better to go with higher output and avoid clipping at 45W? Or am I just being overall too anxious? I've always understood that better to run speakers near maximum rather than under power. If go with 75%-150% rule, then range would be 45w - 90w RMS for V10s. Views much appreciated - sorry if this is a very common kind of question! David