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  1. Pezzy

    Hertz HX250

    The confusing part is according to the specs, it needs really small enclosures. The biggest they recommend for a vented enclosure is 0.7cf after displacement. That would actually be perfect as it will save some boot space, but I can't help but think it will perform better in a bigger enclosure.
  2. I've just bought two Hertz Hi Energy HX250 subs. Will they sound better in a sealed or ported enclosure? I like tight fast accurate bass, not boomy. The biggest enclosure I can fit in my boot will have around 70L of internal space for both subwoofers, ported or sealed.
  3. Which is the better amp? Soundstream is pretty expensive here in the UK but I can get an RN1.3000D for the same price as the Pioneer. I know the Pioneer does rated power but I can't find any reviews/tests on the Soundstream.
  4. Pezzy

    All cheap amps garbage?

    Yeah car sound isn't as big over here and there's nowhere you can go where you can hear different setups in the shops(that I know of at least). I have a BMW 335i coupe so the boot space is limited. I've always had sealed enclosures but want to try out a ported enclosure. They are typically too big to fit in the back of my car especially with two subs so I'm looking for a suitable solution. The prefabbed boxes and subs from JL and Kicker etc. will just about go in but I'm not sure how well they will perform against a custom enclosure. So I guess I'll have to make the best out of a bad situation.
  5. Pezzy

    All cheap amps garbage?

    Just shows you how easily you can be influenced. The guy said he's been in the car audio business for decades bla bla bla. He wasn't pushing his own products to be fair and he recommended the JL CP212 subs for the Pioneer if I decided to keep it. Maybe he's just a rich snob that only has the best of the best!
  6. Pezzy

    All cheap amps garbage?

    See, I did some research before I bought it and I know it does its rated power so I was quite surprised the shop told me it wasn't suitable. Plus it's getting good reviews all round. Pioneer has always been a decent make so maybe I should give it a try. So much conflicting info! Any idea on what subs would be well suited with it to get a loud SQ setup in a medium sized ported enclosure?
  7. Pezzy

    All cheap amps garbage?

  8. Pezzy

    Ground Zero Iridiums?

    Does anyone have any experience with Ground Zero subs? I'm looking for a loud SQ setup and thinking of running these with a 1200w mono amp but I've never seen them in action. Speaking to the audio shop they say these will be a good balance of SQ and loudness as they are classed as entry level SPL subs.
  9. Pezzy

    All cheap amps garbage?

    I know you get what you pay for but if a budget amp does its rated power, apart from being inefficient and creating a lot of heat is there any other reason why it should be avoided? I'm currently looking to drive two 10's or 12's in my car and bought a Pioneer GM-D9601 but was told by an audio shop that it's garbage. I've now cancelled the order and I'm looking for another amp. So far I've been recommended the JL Audio JX1000/1D and Ground Zero Iridium GZIA 1.1450DX-II which seem like good amps. As for subs, I'm looking at either some Ground Zero Iridiums or Uraniums or Alpine Type R's.