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  1. I have an old Alpine MRV F250 and i just wired it with a new 8awg wiring kit. I was working really well. I. I checked all the wiring and connection they were tight I have the remote wires in with my ignition switch fuse on the amp and power line both good. Lastly I checked the power at the amp terminals both hot and remote wires read constant cold 12.8 volts. Wth! I'm racking my brain no smells of burnt silicone or anything. Please tell me it's just something I missed
  2. Ok first and foremost I'm Brett new to this site and very green in terms of knowing much about the car stereo world but very intrigued. Ok I have tons of questions but first is how can I find more information on an Alpine MRV-F250? When looking it up it takes me to MRP-F250 assuming that is the newer version of the same thing. But I want to know exactly the ohms it is most efficient at and the different output options and what not. Nextquestion. I am temporarily running 3 speakers all Polk two 5.25" and one 6.5" (I drive a TJ) the other 6.5" blew from what I was told a grounding issue. They are all 4 ohm speakers which means I can run them in parallel to keep the ohms low but if I ran them in parallel would I bridge the whole amp to supply all three (1st neg to last post I think) or do I parallel them to one channel? Because that doesn't seem like much power for three speakers? One more and I'll shut up. Running the speakers in parallel when are all the same ohm rating does what to the overall ohm demand from the amp? Does that make sense? Same question wired in a series?