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  1. can you anyone please explain?
  2. It's the alpine mrx m110. 1100 watts. I have an infiniti g37. I believe it's rated at 150 amps. I have a single dvc 4ohm sub, wired to 2 ohms. If my voltage is dropping significantly when the sub is hitting hard, would that imply my alternator is on its way out?
  3. Well I've measured the voltage at the battery terminals and at my amp, with and without music, with the car on and off. With the car on, no music, voltage at battery terminals is about 14V. Once I start playing loud music, voltage drops to as low as low 12's, at battery terminals. Is this type of drop normal, or is there an issue? And would this issue be the alternator ?
  4. So I'm having an issue with my system. At high volumes, the voltage at my battery is dropping from ~14V (with no music playing) - ~12.5V. Is this expected for an 1100W amp? If not, would this indicate that my battery or alternator is failing to keep up? I got my battery tested and it says it's fine but I'm not 100% sure that that test applies when you have an 1100 watt amp. Thanks, Josh
  5. What is the appropriate way to do further tests? I'm using 4 gauge wire so that isn't the issue. Is there a way to use the multimeter to test if the amp's ground is sufficient? Could my battery be the issue or is not surely not the battery because the voltage at the battery stays around 14V?
  6. So the issue I'm experiencing is that at louder volumes, my amp goes into protection mode. I did some troubleshooting and I assume it's because the voltage begins to dip pretty low to around 10-11 V, however, the voltage at the battery remains at ~14v, but no lower than high 13's when the system hits hard. What is the most likely culprit here? Thanks, Josh