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  1. Thanks for the advice. Can’t do speakers in the doors because both doors come off like a Jeep setup and I don’t want to miss out on half my system when the weather is nice. Might be able to fit a singe 6.5 under the Ebrake on the drivers side and one more on the passenger side by the feet as well. I’ll post up some pictures tomorrow and maybe that’ll help. I’ll definitely plan out exactly where the speakers need to go and then I can select the right size and shape after that. Thanks
  2. So I just picked up an old ‘92 Sonoma. It’s a single cab truck with literally zero speakers but a “dual” head unit. I would like to make a symmetric set of custom speaker boxes for behind the seats but I’m not sure of how to configure the speakers in the boxes or what speakers to get. I’m not an audiophile but I do like good quality loud music. The space I have is a right triangular prism. 10 inch base, 20 inch height, and 16 inches wide is the space I have to work with behind each seat (see drawings) I figure I can put speakers facing the seat or out the sides of the boxes or both. If they are on the sides of the boxes they will be facing each other and therefor cancelling each other out correct? And if they are facing the seats they will be muffled because there would only be an inch of air in front of them. There’s definitely more real estate to work with having them face the seat (19x16) so I could have larger speakers that way. Now on to speaker selection. I don’t know anything about wiring up speakers, so I would get some help with that. As for what to purchase I’m drowning in a sea of subs, amps, tweeters, component speakers, etc. and I don’t know what a complete system needs. I would like a good bit of bass but I want to be able to hear my music clearly as well. There’s a set of four Kicker 43CSC654 6.5" 2-Way Car Speakers that comes with a 4-channel Autotech amplifier for $220. Would this cover all bases or would I still need tweeters and subs? I still have space for two 8” subs in the box. Any suggestion on what to purchase and how to set it up would be awesome! I can post up some pics of what I’m working with if someone would be kind enough to show me how to post pictures to this thread using the reddit app. Thanks!