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  1. So with my accord i have the sport 4 speaker set up..no factory tweeters..i have been looking into replacing the factory head unit
  2. Thanks for the reply..as far as equipment goes i have the following. 1. 2 sets of rockford fosgate r1675x2 door speakers .rated at 90watts at 4ohm 2.1 set of rockford tweeter componet with crossovers rated 120watts each 4ohm 3.skar audio 750.1 amplifier running a rockford fosgate p3 12" sub.. I ties into the wiring from the front door speakers and ran my input into the crossover and the out put to the tweeters..please let me know if you need more info..thanks
  3. Hello this is my 1st time posting here..i have recently ran into a problem..i am upgrading my sound system in my 2015 accord sport..i have added a subwoofer and amp..i am in the middle if replacing all door speakers and adding 2 tweeters with all rockford fosgate setup..last nite after installing the front speakers and tweeters the sound just stops..the head unit is factory and remains on the entire time..if i unplug 1 of the door speakers and tweeters the sound will come back on..i have checked all wiring and everything is good..i am trying to figure out why after adding all of this the sound goes away..please help!