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  1. Wolffpack08

    Hifonics ZXX-500.2

    Ok. Thank you for the lesson and the suggestion.
  2. Wolffpack08

    Hifonics ZXX-500.2

    Does anyone have any insight on this amp? I am leery because it's from walmart.
  3. Wolffpack08

    Hifonics ZXX-500.2

    Well looking through the YouTube videos the Power acoustic (YouTube test) one looks like it'll work. Should be a little over powered and it's easy to get for me. Do you guys agree? I dont plan on really upgrading I just want something that'll not blow the subs, But should supply enough power to them.
  4. Wolffpack08

    Hifonics ZXX-500.2

    I have 2 mtx 12" thunder 6000 subs. I think they are the 4 ohm version at 250 rms and 500 max would the Hifonics ZXX-500.2 amp be good at 125 Watts Peak x 2 @ 4 ohms, 250 Watts Peak x 2 @ 2 ohms. Or could you suggest a better amp?