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  1. Checked all connections, everything was still good. The problem hasn't came back since i originally posted, and no it's definitely not a certain song/album. Last time it happened it was like that all day and partly into the next morning and then went back to normal after i restarted the car. Maybe it's something to do with the cold messing with the head unit on certain days or something 🤷‍♂️ I honestly have no idea
  2. To start off i have an 02 Ford Escape, current setup is a Pioneer Avh-201ex head unit and Rockford Fosgate P1683 speakers, soon to be adding a powered subwoofer. I'm having this problem where every once in awhile the stereo volume will have to be raised more than normal to match the volume i would normally listen to it at. For example, i normally listen around 14-15 volume and it will sound clean and have good bass, but when this problem happens, to match the same volume I'd have to raise it to probably around 20-22 and overall it sounds much worse and distorts the sound really bad, with almost no bass. In the past i fixed the problem by turning off the car and turning it on again, but i tried that a couple times tonight when the problem started and it didn't fix it. Any help would be appreciated, overall I'm pretty new to car audio.