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  1. Hello everyone, I am attempting to install a Boss BV9382NV in my 2002 acura RSX, I helped to install the aftermarket radio that is currently in it, However I was pretty much told to do things, didnt have to figure out too much for myself. Just a quick note, I know Boss is not the best headunit but I am selling my car and it was a good price and allowed me to update the audio/navigation/ and add a rear view camera so it works for what i'm trying to do. the thing that is a little different for me with this install is that there are a LOT more wires coming from the headunit and I am using the Metra 70- 1725 harness to integrate the headunit with the factory amp/sub. I have 3 pictures showing the harnesses with wires labeled.. Because the headunit and the metra harness both have 4 RCA connectors for the speakers, I am assuming that the headunit wiring harness will have all speaker labeled wires capped off since the RCA's would be used (if this is not right please correct me.) The things that I do not know are what to do with the extra wires (such as P ant, key A, Key B, key ground.) I believe yellow to yellow, ground to ground, 12volt power to accessory, but the "amp turn on" and orange I do not know about . Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.