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  1. Good tip. I'll look for the diagram. I have a basic one that shows pin number and color of most of the h/u plug wires. I'll spring for the comprehensive one. Question: Do I do a 9 wire spliced in from the h/u plug and then to the LC7i? How do I connect to the 4 channel amp, the sub amp, and back to the h/u. Additionally, can I power both amps off of one main power wire? I don't need a remote where because of the LC7i's "GTO" feature, correct? Lastly, do you think I should mount the amps znd LC7i on the back cab wall? I wont have space on or behind the box. I'm just talking through this... it helps to picture it. I really appreciate your help and knowledge! I'm intimidated by the install, but I really want to do it for myself / by myself to learn. I can tear an engine down and build it back up. I can do suspension work etc, but this is some serious wiring. I'm excited, but I don't want to blow up my truck or equipment. Lol
  2. Thanks for the reply and info! I have all the tools and assembly equipment. I'll check out the site you listed and your channel. Yep, I'd like to tap into the factory wiring and head unit harness. That's what i'm going to use the 9 wire for and I definitely need to draw out the wiring. That's the only way I can move forward. I'm a visual guy. I need to see it. I appreciate the help!
  3. Hey all! Thanks for having me at the forum. This is my first post so don't roast me too hard if I broke a rule/guideline. I need wiring help for my first ever install. I really want to tackle this on my own, but I need the "how to" in thick crayon. I'm an aircraft mechanic by trade and I have basic wiring/electrical knowledge. I list all my equip below: - 2018 Ram 2500 Crew Cab w/ 6 speaker 8.4" screen (using factory head unit)(no stock amp) - Kicker CSS65 component speakers (front) - Kicker CSS65 coaxial (rear) - JBL GTR-104 4 channel amp (powering door speakers) - ZAPCO ST-1KDM Class D mono (powering subs) - AudioControl LC7i 6 channel line output converter - 2 each JL 10TW3-D4 in an under rear seat ported box - 40 ft of 9 wire - 1 each RCA "Y" cord - 1 each RCA interconnect (single connector) - Amp wiring kit Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to make sure I was thorough. So, can a brother help me out!?