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  1. Hello jeffdachef thank you for your response currently I’m installing a parrot Bluetooth kit and let me tell you what a nightmare this car is, but you are completely right I will do a separate screen for the cam thank you!!
  2. Hello peeps hey so I have a bit of a situation,, I have a 2007 Cadillac CTS that I have been installing a system on now for a while it’s a pain but fun car, here is the question the head unit is still oem if you guys don’t know these car have the “driver info” section here as well as other functions such as the traction control and millege trip info as well as other important settings I really want to replace with a nice doble din with a back up cámara but.. I don’t want to lose the functionality of the oem anyone have any suggestions as to how we might be able to do this? Also I want to keep this covertion of the head unit less than 600$ in parts I can do my labor. Thank you in advance Jp
  3. Jaypezy

    HELP! Unable to Install Car Radio!

    Hey just a quick sugestión why not try checking witch fits your car harness and see if that eliminates any of them plz update us.. jpJp