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  1. Patrick Lee

    ?- Are spl subs capable of tight bass?

    As far as whores and tight pussies I'll ask your wife when I pay her to leave. Also you seem the type you like your box ported anyway. It's not a dumb question until I know the answer then it becomes a dumb question.
  2. Patrick Lee

    ?- Are spl subs capable of tight bass?

    I'm wondering if subs like skar or sundown are capable of keeping up with a double kick bass drum like in a lot of heavy metal songs? I know it has a lot to do with being in a sealed encloser but it seems like these type of subs are not meant for sealed boxes.
  3. Patrick Lee

    Audio Control ?

    Now that that's over what brand makes skibidi?
  4. Patrick Lee

    Audio Control ?

    Thinking of using the final two channels off the audio control for the subs so nothing crazy. I'm thinking mid level fosgate or kickers. On the other hand audio control and focal are new to me so I may try some new brand of subs I've never used before.
  5. Patrick Lee

    Audio Control ?

    I plan on using focal integration for my mids and tweets. Auto correct is killing me tonight. I haven't setteled on subs yet.
  6. Patrick Lee

    Audio Control ?

    I do appreciate the suggestions don't think I don't. Didn't mean to come off however I came off. Also part of my original question. Definitly heard of JL but never helix or Addison. Thanks for throwing those out there I wi'll look into them. Seems the JL is even more expensive. I have nothing but love for Sony but just didn't seem right for this build for whatever reason. Wanted to go with the Alpine but definitely has weak out put. Very cool thanks for the info. I'm trying to do the least invasive system upgrade that I can and this unit seems to be up for the job.
  7. Patrick Lee

    Audio Control ?

    Thanks for the suggestion but fithwheel is right I am looking at it because of the dsp, (rataining my entune and using this in place of a quality head unit.) That's how I'm justifying the cost. But that price though. That's why I'm on here. Don't mind spending the money, I just don't want to buy junk.
  8. Patrick Lee

    Audio Control ?

    Hello I'm just coming back to the hobby after decades. I've noticed there are new name brands and some name brands arnt what they use to be. My question is I've come across Audio Control on YouTube and am wondering if I believe the hype or are their products just over priced gimmicks? I'm planning a mid-level integration system for my Camry and the D6.1200 is looking very tempting right now. Thanks in advance any input is greatly appreciated.