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  1. Starkillers2019

    upward firing sub box help

    actually it sounds great nice and clean and loud as hell. just dont feel like moving stuff around
  2. Starkillers2019

    upward firing sub box help

    i can always plug the ports up if needed. ( ROFFYWorG) try to figure this one out it isnt to nice but just for you.. it does involve ROF though
  3. Starkillers2019

    upward firing sub box help

    install complete. well nothings 100% mounted just loose laying around still....not sure if ports should face foward or back yet. not to bad thanks for the no help at all. for u 🖕🏻 thank you emoji
  4. ended up build , with one like in picture except no terminals yet.. need to get some lug terminals .
  5. Starkillers2019

    upward firing sub box help

    should i face the ports forward or to the trunk subs are both facing up also 3 ports on one side with plexiglass windows. otherside is completely bare carpet. i could also go subs forward or back plexi and ports up. looks kinda crappy this way though.. box is a real tight fit side to side. and moving it just sucks lmao
  6. my seats fold down now 2013 mazda 6 im just to lazy to keep pulling the stupid levers that are inside the trunk.. would love to motorize them both somehow.so when i crank my audio system i can just press buttons to go up or down from inside car....lol i have 2 new lift chair recliner .. Pretty strong push/pull motors that i can run off dc power. not sure if thats the way to go... or use a screw type seat motor..or actuator rod type.. or maybe they sell a kit somewere.. any help would be cool
  7. Starkillers2019

    Any input on this brand of rims?

    not bad atleast its not black.. tired of seeing black dirty rims.. lol
  8. Starkillers2019

    hcca 8000.1dv2 proper fusing help

    until it all goes up in smoke . lol
  9. Starkillers2019

    hcca 8000.1dv2 proper fusing help

    thank you for great advice.
  10. Starkillers2019

    hcca 8000.1dv2 proper fusing help

    dont want your advice . got it .. now your just trolling ... anyone else is fine..
  11. went with ported... sorry sealed ...lol
  12. got the amp .....theres 2 runs into the unit they recommend 900 amp fusing would 2 runs with a 450 amp fuse work these would be real short runs maybe 3 feet max with 1/0 gauge wire. or should i quad the 1/0 gauge wire and have 4 runs of 225 anl fusing into double 2 x 1/0 into 1 1/0 connectors. not to much info on subject.. any help would be great so i can buy all the fusing and holders. thank u for any help u can give
  13. Starkillers2019

    help with amp picking

    thanks for the post back slo ride..
  14. Starkillers2019

    help with amp picking

    no need to be a cancer .got nothing nice to say or help with then just be quiet, it was just a question. and yes 250 for any box ( then shipping is 45) is to much when i have the skills to make one for 60$ worth of wood. and thank you again orion audio for the email.