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  1. erol312006

    help with amp picking

    thanks for the post back slo ride..
  2. erol312006

    help with amp picking

    no need to be a cancer .got nothing nice to say or help with then just be quiet, it was just a question. and yes 250 for any box ( then shipping is 45) is to much when i have the skills to make one for 60$ worth of wood. and thank you again orion audio for the email.
  3. erol312006

    help with amp picking

    pretty much 360 amp alternator 4 xs power 3400 batteries, just having hard time with amp choice
  4. erol312006

    help with amp picking

    need a amp or amps for 2 12 in orion hcca subs. like to run these at 1 ohm or can be 2 ohms. watts atleast 2500 rms each speaker. maybe alittle more since no amp is 100% effective. money no object skar,rockford fosgate,psi,sundown, cresendo, orion audio, dc audio,hifonics so many and to many choices any help would be great. im leaning psi or crescendo not 100% there
  5. erol312006

    What car would you buy with a $13,000 budget?

    audi lol my uncle bought a A7 new after a year sold it said it was crap. he bought a $100,000 suv of some kind. yes a cheap ass uncle
  6. erol312006

    What car would you buy with a $13,000 budget?

    for 13,000 depends whats in the listings when your looking and what u like really ... for me either a toyota or mazda anything infinity is crap just a overpriced Nissan which they are really and they are are all crapola. had a nissan new and it sucked ass...never again.... Honda is better but all are pretty ugly. if you do buy any car mileage is key. i was going to get a newer like 2015 but i fell in love with a 2013 mazda 6 and it only had 25,000 miles on it bought it last year car looks and drives new. now it has new wheels ,tires,tint,system,turbo and more to come. sometimes the car you love takes alittle time to find, dont rush your buy
  7. erol312006

    i have 2 12in G&S Redline subs from 1993

    lords of bass had it
  8. these subs are for both sealed and ported go educate yourself. or better yet email orion audio,they can help you understand. jeff or whatever you call yourself rudeness isnt needed here so you know what rudeness means rude·ness Dictionary result for rudeness /ˈro͞odnəs/ noun 1. lack of manners; discourtesy. "what I will not tolerate is rudeness" synonyms: discourteousness, discourtesy, lack of manners, bad manners, impoliteness, impertinence, impudence, insolence, effrontery, audacity, presumptuousness, cheek, cheekiness, incivility, disrespect, disrespectfulness, churlishness, crassness, curtness, brusqueness, bluntness, ungraciousness, brashness, sharpness, abusiveness; More 2. DATED roughness or simplicity.
  9. just asked if anyone had any plans for a box. didnt need lecture , just quick info. i never use facebook shit i dont have,need,or want a cellphone. just wanted some quick help here and i got it from orion audio itself thanks orion audio.
  10. lol your funny i have a high output alternator actual one is pictured here , 4 batteries , i dont need to tell you these details .. im just looking to build a box and got a lecture about sealed isnt good..lmao forget i asked you guys.. i know now never to ask for help here again.. its fine with me i got my box designs through email direct from orion audio... see ya later and its a adjustable box. sealed and ported
  11. no 💩 ,, but it is a simple wood box. very easy to make.. just looking for plans, and finally got it from orion audio itself .
  12. the 2 hcca’s are brand new 2018 blackseries. 2 +2 ohm not sure if i should go sealed or ported all i know is Face up is the way they say it should be built.. i saw a box online ebay i think it has 2 plexi glass openings so you can see the face up subs magnets which is pretty nice... im just not willing to spend 250 on wood box i can make . anyone have plans .. also i think sealed box would work better just not sure what to do.. my subs are sitting in storage for months because im not sure the way to go.. any help also this box is to wide by 3 inches