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  1. Jay Mulvey

    wanting some amp help

    It does have line outs but only 1 left 1 right and was going use those when I get around to installing 6x9 in the back. So I have to use the converters. I was going use the stock whirring for now just use 75watt per speaker so not to over power the wiring. Maybe down the line change the wiring. Wanting keep price down for now till j get some body work done.
  2. Jay Mulvey

    wanting some amp help

    I have replaced my stock head unit in my VW Golf Mark 5 with an Android head unit don't get me wrong it's a nice head unit but the audio is a little weak so I'm wanting advice on an amp I can add so can be a bit louder down the line I am going to be adding a sub and amp and some 69 in the boot but I have some body work and other issues to deal with first I know I will have to use a high end to low end converter but I just can't seem to find what I am looking for in an amp I hope my babbling makes sense any help will be much appreciated