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  1. After having 3 months of use my battery cranked very unusually with voltage and a LOT of popping noises charging voltage 14.8 resting voltage was 13.5 Lowest crank voltage I’ve seen was 12v what would cause the crank voltage to skyrocket past 18v then all the way down to 0?? After this my battery is working completely normal, normal charging, normal resting, normal crank Checked EVERYTHING, there is NO short to ground anywhere
  2. TonWardHD

    Rough enclosure design

    If it’s a 10” I’d tune it higher
  3. I’m currently bolting in my sub to wood. Can my gasket touch the surround? As I bolt it in the gasket bends towards the surround and touches it. Is this okay or will that far down the surround be moving and have friction with the gasket?
  4. TonWardHD

    need suggestions on new sub.

    Bass not base. What do you mean by bass in the front? Bass acts differently than regular sound, so if you put a sub in the trunk it would not sound muffled. I recommend not buying an underseat sub. Just buy a 500 watt mono amp and hook it up to a simple sub in the trunk. 12, 15” - whatever u want
  5. TonWardHD

    Proper speaker wire size

    Teams. 5k rms. Will run 7k tho. 7mm terminals. 4 gauge is obviously too big and 8 gauge is just lacking. Mathematically the 8 gauge can just barely deliver it seems. I’m basically asking for where to find 6 gauge that’s not welding cable or something. I don’t know why I can’t seem to find it online.
  6. Probably won’t push more than 7000 Watts per sub. 2 dvc d1’s wired in series/parallel for 1 ohm. If each driver voltage is 114v then my 8 gauge wire is rated for 6840 watts. Where on earth can I find 6 gauge ofc that’s rated more than 60 amps at 20ft?
  7. Hey. I’m using winsid 0.7 to determine my box dimensions and it says my port length should be 29.4 inches. So I doubled check with 3 websites and two say 25.47” , while one agrees with winisd and says 29.4” what do you guys use to accurately calculate this? EDIT On winisd it does not let me choose slotted port. Only circular and square. All websites agree now that with a square port it should be 29 while the same ones that have the option for slotted port agree with 25.4. should I not listen to winisd’s length for square port and follow these other websites calculations for slotted? ***im using slotted by the way
  8. TonWardHD

    Too good to be true?

    Yeah but Korean amps seem to be the most reliable. Should the taramps be rated at 370 amperage musical consumption when it’s also listed at 8000 watt rms?
  9. TonWardHD

    Too good to be true?

    I’m in the process of receiving 4 3600 rms amps directly from a company in South Korea. This is the same company currently sending shipments to PSI, DS18, and wolfram. im getting each amp at $300 each including shipping. A total of $1200 for 14k rms?? havent paid yet but at the point to where I can. I must be missing something right?
  10. TonWardHD

    What’s the best option?

    Oh I’m using the trunk for amps and bats. The subs and wall is taking up the rear passenger seat area. Pretty much settled for 2 psi plat 5’s 18” and 2 Skar rp-4500.1 the amps are 550 each which after watching dyno tests seems great but is there any good 6k amps for just a little bit more than 550$ ?
  11. TonWardHD

    What’s the best option?

    Practically a ported wall
  12. TonWardHD

    What’s the best option?

    6.5? I can get 4’ length 3’ high and 2’ width in mine.
  13. TonWardHD

    What’s the best option?

    2001 Hyundai Elantra Loud, low bass, spl mainly but it can’t sound bad on music. I would suppose the Neo option is louder right? But I’m worried if the enclosure is too small for that. Is 155+ dB likely to be attained with both these setups?
  14. TonWardHD

    What’s the best option?

    Ok I will have a 24 cubic ft ported enclosure max. That’s the largest I could get it. Do I go with 2 psi plat 5 18” on 5k each or 4 Fi btl neos 18” with about 3k each? 4 of those neos should be just ok with 24 cubic ft? In a trunk car but 4 18” will fit and 24 ft cubed enclosure will fit. Im sure I’m leaving some detail out, just lmk I’m going for spl but not fully. It’s a daily driver. will the 4 neos be able to handle themselves in that much space? Efficiency?
  15. TonWardHD

    Sub recommendations