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  1. Ricky Garcia

    Extreme No Limit build

    I’m pretty familiar with the rules , I’ve read them a couple of times already , I also have an SPL meter , and I have a lot of experience , I’ve been around competing for a while , first started competing when I was around 7 , I’m 18 now , last big build my father and I did was 4 15’s in s cut through and i know everything that we’re going to have to do to build an extreme vehicle but I’m just looking for more advice yes I’m from California, and there are lots of shows all around me ,
  2. Ricky Garcia

    Extreme No Limit build

    Db Drag And the class is Extreme No limit
  3. Going to begin an Extreme NL build. The build will be in a 1985 Plymouth Voyager. looking for some advice on anything I should know what to do and what not to do. any questions or advice will be greatly appreciated. will be probably going with 2 15’s ,not exactly what amp we’re going to use yet, 2 370 amp alternators , not exactly sure how many batteries.