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  1. Have you checked to see if there is actually power at the fuse? Maybe go to the local dealer and see if they can print you a copy of the radio pinouts and see if your getting power to the radio. I have a power probe3 the can supply power and ground as well as check continuity. Best $60 I spent. Edit: This is for a 2002 Civic, not sure if it's the same.
  2. None2Slow

    4 channel suggestion.

    Never really been a fan of Pioneer from back in the day. I watched the dyno on that amp and it does what it says, but its lacking in the looks department. I know, looks don't make it go. Is there a reason to not go with 1 of the other 3? The speakers only need 90w continuous and 270w peak and the 3.5" only 25w continuous and 75w peak. Is there just no love for the Rockford or the JBL?
  3. None2Slow

    4 channel suggestion.

    I'm looking for a 4 channel amp to power my mids and highs in a 2016 Mustang GT. Looking in the sub $200 range. Current speakers are JBL GTO609c 6.5" with tweeters and crossover, not being used (but may with amp) and the GTO329 3.5". The 3.5" and 6.5" are in the door and the tweets are in the A pillars. Currently have the factory 6.5" coaxial in the rear deck but will upgrade those as well with either the same 6.5" components or the coaxial. The amps I'm currently looking at is the Rockford Fosgate R400_4D or R300x4. These are both the Prime series amps. The other I'm looking at is the JBL CLUB-704 100x4 at 2ohm and 75x4 at 4ohm. The speakers are rated at 3ohm. Out of these, what would be your choice. For subs I'm running 2 RF P2D4 12's powered by a 15 year old Hifonics NX600 running at 2ohm.