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  1. Avi3ator

    4th order problem

    Its a volvo 740, it fits in every direction except the height
  2. Im going to build a 4th order for 2 12", but the trunk size i have is quite limited, is it possible to build a 4th order with a leaning baffle? like the included picture, or will it somehow mess with airflor or something i dont know 😛
  3. Avi3ator

    What subwoofer

    Thank you! I Will probably buy the two 12” HN 12v3D2 and the b2audio MA6000.1 Hopefully it Will shock my friends:)
  4. Avi3ator

    What subwoofer

    The 2ch one: Audio System HX 360.2 Mono alternative 1: gas competition 5000.1d Mono alternative 2: b2audio MA6000.1
  5. Avi3ator

    What subwoofer

    Yeah but the 2ch delivers almost as much power but for like 200€ cheaper so i figured ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Avi3ator

    What subwoofer

    I would say around 2000€(20,000swedish krona) Its going to be placed in a Volvo 740. And if i buyd the 2 12"s im going to buy a 2channel 1500rms amp, and if i buy the 15" im going to buy a 5000rms amp. I want bass that kinda shocks you when played high. I'm willing to sacrifice my whole trunk if necessary.
  7. Avi3ator

    What subwoofer

    Is it really like that or isn't there some advantages/disadvantages? 😛
  8. Avi3ator

    What subwoofer

    Hello! I am going to buy a new subwoofer to my car. The problem is I dont know if I need to buy one 15" subwoofer or two 12" subwoofers? Each 12" got 1500RMS 3000w max. The 15" got 3000RMS and 12000w max. I will ofcourse choose a fitting amplifier depending on wich subwoofer i buy.
  9. Avi3ator

    Cable size question

    But why does the amp need two 50mm2 cables if the sub needs smaller?
  10. The amp i bought got two 50mm2 inputs, and one small speaker cable output, if the input is so big why doesnt the output need big cables?
  11. Hi i installed a new stereo and a subwoofer in my car, and when i set the x-over on my front speakers to about 120hz, they still sound and play when i play a 50hz sound? how can i fix this?