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  1. I just ordered a new 2019 Camaro convertible. I expect it to be delivered sometime early April. I've been lurking and planing my replacement for the stock Bose system. I was much more into car audio 15-20 years ago. I built a relatively modest system into my last car about 8 years ago so I'm a bit rusty trying to get back into this. I'm aiming to pick and have my gear arrive prior to delivery so that I can get right to work on upgrade prior to convertible weather. The Camaro's Bose system uses MOST50 which is kind of convenient... I think. Looking to use the AX-DSP-MOST1 from Axxess. It comes with the T-harnesses and modules necessary to bypass my stock Bose amplifier right in the trunk but retain all of the factory "goodies" like screen, nav, car play, microphones, chimes etc. I'm eyeballing the Hertz ESK 165.5's for my front stage with the tweets going into the factory locations. I can put the crossovers in the trunk and feed power back up the stock wires at the T harness. I know, better wires would definitely be advised but I'm really not keen on hacking up my door plugs this round. Do you think it will be that bad with factory wires? Dynamat(or similar) and fast rings will be used liberally on the doors. I don't plan on any rear passengers and don't care if there is sound back there if I did... it's a Camaro... they'll be lucky if they can feel their legs. As such, no rear fill is being planned at current. Subs get more interesting and where I'm starting to struggle more. Back in the day I remember running dual Audiobahn alum 12's and liking it. IIRC, they were pretty darn loud. I'm older now and don't need that kind of slam but I also now have a convertible which loses a ton of volume to drop top. There is a company that makes a 2-10 sealed, or single 10 or single 12 sealed or ported that fits under where the top folds down nicely but their volumes are on the low sides. I listen to rock and prog mostly. I'm thinking sealed is more to my taste. I was leaning towards a pair of JL w1 in the 2-10 sealed with 600 watts behind it. I'm struggling to decide if this is enough or even too much power. Or if a different sub is a better choice. Amp choice and power wire depend obviously on the sub choice. I'll go oxygen free copper and conveniently the battery is in the trunk. So any thoughts, suggestions are very welcomed. I'm not set on any of this as I'm trying to piece it together from reading and watching videos. I don't live in an area where car audio shops really exist. Once I get under way, I can update this thread with pics of the install and results etc.