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  1. Ayork

    Headunit rca voltage

    Had time to retest, feel dumb now.. *sigh* i dont know what i did in the first testing. This go around i oscope the rca with -5db 40hz and ran the volume knob to 50 and no clipping and reset amp gains. Thanks
  2. Ayork

    Headunit rca voltage

    I retest tomarrow to make sure again and post pic, thx for replying.
  3. Ayork

    Headunit rca voltage

    Useing a budget oscope.
  4. Ayork

    Headunit rca voltage

    From the ends on the rca that would go in to the amp. I had all settings zeroed when testing. Ill test again and post a vid.
  5. Ayork

    Headunit rca voltage

    I have an older sony (cdx-gt130)single din. It says it has 2v preouts. I was checking the voltage output and signal to find where clipping is, the voltage at 30/40 v2.2+ 35/40 v3+ 37/40 v4+ 38 is clipping The headunit on its way out, im lost. Loudness is off fyi.