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  1. SeemsASimpleQuestion

    OLED 2din stereo

    Ha, weird - you both took that exactly the opposite of how I meant it. Sure OLED gives a better display - what I'm really after is a screen which doesn't generate light when it displays black. My existing 2din screen is, in my opinion even with the dimming, still too bright when displaying mostly black. I find the backlight distracting. Sure, I can turn it completely off, its a hassle. Even when the screen is just displaying what station or song I happen to be listening to, I find it an obnoxious distraction as the driver. When its on that display, 90% of the screen is black, but with a traditional LED that's still 100% backlit. With OLED the actual light produced would be much lower. What I'm after is an OLED screen because when displaying a black background it will generate less ambient light. I'm really just curious why no one seems to make one, perhaps I have my answer given your replies...
  2. SeemsASimpleQuestion

    OLED 2din stereo

    Hi there - wondering if anyone here knows why it is so hard (impossible?) to find a 2din car stereo with an OLED screen. Sure, call me old (I am?) but a traditional LED screen is rather bright at night, even when its displaying mostly black. An OLED screen has the big advantage of "true blacks" - where it doesn't illuminate when displaying blacks. OLEDs are in a variety of products nowadays, including phones and some tablets. So, why not car stereos? Sure OLEDs are more expensive, but car stereos are expensive too...