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  1. newbieaudioguy

    4 channel amp bridging?

    Im using Alpine MRV-F300 amp and 2x Alpine SBE-1244BR subs. They're not far apart from each other, but im just curious if it will be stereo if i bridge them. And also, (just a theoretical question) if i got 1 amp (4ohm) what has 2 channels, i bridge them. And i wanna put 2 subs in 1 box. Let's say both are 4ohms. Do i wire them in parallel or in series? Thanks!
  2. newbieaudioguy

    4 channel amp bridging?

    Hello, im new to this thing and couldn't find the anwser in google. So the question is. If i bridge 4 channel amplifier, which means i have 2 subwoofers, so 1x Bridged to one subwoofer and 1x bridged to another subwoofer. Then do i have STEREO sound? Or will those subwoofers still be mono? Or i'd have to buy 2 separate amps, to have stereo sound? But then again, how do i know which one is gonna be RIGHT and LEFT side? I hope you understand me. Thanks! (sorry for bad english)