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  1. Deluxe_Fox

    ANSWERED Alternator whine

    I fixed the issue! It was the Gain control on the amp itself. Thanks for the help!
  2. Deluxe_Fox

    ANSWERED Alternator whine

    I will try this one out and give you an update if this resolves my issue
  3. I have tried so many things but none worked so far. I have a JVC KW-DB93BT and a McHammer Mystic 5.1 amp. When i connect 1 RCA cable to my amp from my head unit there is no whine, but as soon as i put in the other RCA cable into the head unit alternator noise starts coming from the speakers that are connected to the amp. I also tried a few fixes from this pinned topic (>>>Engine whine and ground loop fixes... take two) but none have worked so far.