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  1. Cartel

    Rodek RA2150 need to set the bias

    this isnt a tube amp. wtf
  2. Cartel

    AX-TU1000C help

    still no reply from reaudio
  3. thats a long 3 weeks. I think I'll sand my ground instead of waiting for an answer
  4. I just rebuilt this amp with all new caps. I need to set the bias voltage/current. Anyone that could help that knows this amp? There are 2 trim pots and I see a DC Test point but I have no clue after that. thanks
  5. Cartel

    M7 set screw

    what I found is "M" is the diameter or width. M7 is 7mm wide thread M7 10mm is 10mm long. This is new to me. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/200pcs-Stainless-Steel-Allen-Head-Socket-Hex-Grub-Screw-Multi-size-Socket-Head-Set-M1-M2/32919637970.html that kit has 7mm but only 4mm long https://www.aliexpress.com/item/240pcs-Black-Allen-Head-Socket-Hex-Grub-Screw-Set-Assortment-Kit-M1-2-3-4-5/32919629999.html that 1 has 7mm but the x 6 x 3mm I have no clue what that means. I'm trying to find the same thing but for the speaker wires. I think they are 4mm
  6. Cartel

    M7 set screw

    It sucks doesn't it OP? just finding a set screw is a real chore. Try finding a service manual or schematic. Even voltage check points or talk to a tech about something Not gonna happen.. No wonder this industry is dead. The only place is....wait for it: China! Made in the USA!! YA sure it is uh huh. wheres those parts then? These companies dont even answer phones or emails. https://www.google.ca/search?q=gold+set+screw+grub+aliexpress&hl=en&prmd=ivns&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiLzL2G5ObfAhWO11QKHWzkAoEQ_AUIBQ
  7. Cartel

    AX-TU1000C help

    Yes the speaker terminal block is from an old clarion its the only way I could find a replacement. Yes those soldering irons had a hard time getting the terminals out of the boards. I've already installed the terminal. I find all these sites on the net, nobody wants to answer questions or emails. I'd like to know where I can find an insulator for the mosfets, should I use kapton tape? the offset current or bias voltage, whatever its called. what should it be set to? Where are the test points? As you can see I already replaced most the capacitors and the pin headers for the tube board. The amp is working if I could find the info I just mentioned I could button it up and use it. Zed doesn't repair US amps, it says it right on his page. I guess this topic will be a dead end just like the 12 YEARS of threads all over the internet because these so-called proud builders and companies dont give a crap about the end user. No wonder everything is made in China now, nobody wants to help fix this junk. Why would US amps use LM caps? Anyways I could use some help but it seems nobody wants to. RE amps doesn't answer the phone, they dont return calls, they dont return emails. Its ridiculous
  8. Cartel

    AX-TU1000C help

    Would anyone here be willing to help me fix this amp? re audio doesn't answer email so I'm on my own. Greg Carolus is in hiding, JimJ wont take PM's. Anyone have experience with this amp? thanks.