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  1. First off, hello all! I have an older install that is driving me crazy and need some help. 2 10" soundstream 300rms @ 4ohm each 1 soundstream 175w per channel 2 channel amp 4ga B+ 4ga Ground I recently bought a Rockford fostgate R500X1D amp to add to power as the amp I had was underpowering the current subs. The current amp powers and plays fine running each sub at 4ohms. The problem is when I pull the old amp. When I wire up the new amp @ 2 ohms will not power on. I thought it was DOA so got another one (same kind). The new one won't power on also. I spent all of last night checking all connections to no avail. B+ gets 12v, Remote gets 12v and ground is good. Swap back out to the old soundstream and it powers up fine. Update: I messed with it this morning and noticed that if I put power from the B+ to the remote the amp comes on. The remote wire will still turn on the old amp no problem. Should I just run a new wire from a fuse instead of from the remote lead on the HU? Has anyone seen this happen previously?