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  1. longhornsk57

    Need advice on speakers/amp

    Wow thanks for the reply. I know I probably asked a mouthful but my understanding it building more and more and I am really trying to understand all this stuff. The amp looks like it does 100Wx4 at 4ohms, you don't think since the speakers take 120 that makes any difference as far as the extra 20W are concerned? Also when you say run active or forgo what are we talking about exactly? I like you analogy of the A/B being like a tube warmth, that makes perfect sense.
  2. longhornsk57

    Need advice on speakers/amp

    I have a 2018 Crew Cab F150. I am putting in two subs and probably two amps behind the back seat and getting new speakers. 6.5 components in the front and 6.5 three-way in the rear. The subs I have is two Kenwood KFC-XW1200F eXcelon and I have made boxes for them. I also have an amp. The speakers and amp are getting me a little confused as to what to get. I am thinking of going Morel Tempo Ultra 602 components on the front and the 3way in the rear, the amp would need 120x4 at 4ohms. now I see some Fosgate and alpine amps at $500 that do this and some Massive amps at like $250 that do this power output. The question is to me is the Massive that much worse quality? Is A/B much worse or different than class D and do I have to have class D for everything? I really don't want to buy a $500 amp so am now rethinking the speakers to maybe get like 75x4 so I am not dropping a grand or more on just speakers/amp when I already got the subs and the sub amp. Basically I am looking for a good explanation and recommendation on the amp to push the Morel and/or a good speaker recommendation that can perform well without breaking the bank. Thanks!