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  1. @shredder2 @Jeffdachef @fithwheel Sorry to ask, but I think I'm starting to understand things a bit better. I just wanted clarification I'm understanding correctly. So concerning the clipping issue I have, I was wondering how my subs could be clipping despite only recieving half of their RMS. If I'm understanding correctly, basically it's because when I'm turning my volume all the way up on a stock radio unit, its distorting those sound waves to a point the amp can't handle it and putting out the clipped signal. So by adding a dsp, that is what will take in those sound waves, clean them up, and put a good signal to the amp which in return will allow me to push a lot more power to them? Am I getting it right?
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I think I'll save my money and for a bigger amp and a DSP. Do you have any thoughts on that amp I posted? It's for sell. But I dont know if I should go with that, at 2000 watts, or go with a 3000 to 4000 watt amp?
  3. Yeah so this is the pic of the guy who I might buy it from. I would definitely have to place my subs in the box, not outward like he has them. Here is what I got now. What would you say now after seeing both?
  4. This is the one I'm considering. What's your thoughts? Its tuned to 35 hz
  5. Hey maybe you could read my post I just made and give some input as well? I'll have to use a dsp since a new deck is not really possible. I'll look around but thanks for the advice. I'll check out the alpine and Dayton units. I had 1 other question. Is any sub able to be wired to different ohms? Like am I able to wire my subs to 1 ohm or is that something that has to be built in with the sub? If I'm correct, 1 ohm gets the full wattage out of your amp?
  6. Hey so heres what I'm dealing with in my head unit so I'm guessing, I'll need to go with a DSP (Do you have any good suggestions?). Also thank you for the suggestion with the wiring. Definitley want to save any dime I can. Sorry to keep asking questions but I found a guy selling these subs and this box. He said the box was tuned to 32 or 37 hz I believe. He said it was custom made for 2 sundown sa 12's. Do you think this would make a substantial difference? Also I found someone selling a rockford fosgate t2000.2bd for $250. It goes for 570 on sonicelectronics.com. Do you think that amp would do the trick? I just can't seem to find an amp with 3000 watts that's under 800 bucks so if this would work, that would be great. But if not, I also understand good quality comes at a price haha. So yeah hopefully with all these, a big 3, and new battery I can get where I wanna be! Thanks for all the help Edit: Check that. The box is 35 hz
  7. No I feel you. I'm just grateful to be learning and from you guys sharing your knowledge! But by source signal do you mean like my deck? If so, I'm using my stock radio. Impalas have a very difficult touch screen/radio to work with but I do have a 6 or 8 volt LOC hooked up to it. And yeah I do always turn my radio up to near full power. Would upgrading my speakers maybe help so I won't have to turn it up so high and start sending dirty signals out? Am I understanding that right?
  8. K I know the gain is different from volume. I dont know why that was even brought up. But yeah i dont think I understood clipping so if you see my post before this I was trying to clarify it and think I got it. The reason I brought up volume is because someone said I'm listening to loud and that is contributing to the clipping. So I brought up volume to see if maybe upgrading speakers would help so I dont have to turn my volume up so loud. But basically what I've got from all this is I need to do the following 1.get me a solid amp rated around 3.5 k 2. Upgrade my electrical. (Big 3 for sure and maybe battery and alt. Still waiting on answers if I should) 3. Build a custom box 4 possible switch to 0 gauge wires. Does that sound about right? @Jeffdachef ☝️☝️☝️☝️
  9. Seriously thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. K so im going to look at some of those amps. Am I allowed to ask a good place to find a quality amp like that? And also do you mind me asking what box rise is? I'll go search myself but you've made everything pretty easy to understand for me. Also do you think the big 3, another battery, and switching to 0 gauge wire will help? Dylanbeatz gave me some of those suggestions. I'm definitely gonna do big 3 but wanted assurance I should switch to 0 gauge and also if an agm battery would work without an alternator upgrade or addition? Are double/ triple posts not allowed?
  10. Oh shoot okay that makes more sense now. You're exactly right, I've always thought that clipping originates from the subs. whereas basically you're saying when im turning up my speakers and trying to get more output, my subs are asking for tons of power but my amplifier is not capable of supplying that much power so it just starts scrambling and puts out wavelengths to the sub that are clipping which in turn causes my subs to clip? Is that correct, did I understand you correctly? But maybe this could help., so I had 1 type x at first and they're rated at 900 rms individually on my 1000 RMS amp. Yet I couldn't even turn my gain half way up without it clipping. I do also always crank my volume all the way up. Could the volume be the issue (basically asking for too much output?) Would I maybe benefit from upgrading speakers so I dont have to turn my volume to nearly full power? I definitely am gonna do a big 3 upgrade and find a new amp... what other electrical upgrades would you suggest and do you know where I could find a quality amp for a decent deal? Thank you so much for helping a new and learning person as myself to car audio
  11. So I am running at 2 ohms. But heres where 8m still confused, despite getting responses to this question, but my jl rd1000.1 has a light that shows when you're clipping and they are still clipping despite only receiving half their RMS power... I dont get how or why that's happening...
  12. @PPVtahoe11 I'm gonna do some electrical upgrades like big 3 as suggested by Dylanbeatz. But I'm definitely willing to look into a new box... problem is I dont know shit about how to make them. Is there anyone here whod be able to give me specs on how to make a box to those specs? Also they are running on 2 ohms. At 4 ohms they blew my fuses and car wouldn't start. Also if you wouldn't mind looking at the question I posed on the previous 2 comments about the sundowns x v2's and sharing any thoughts? Thanks
  13. Thank you for advice. I'm thinking I'll do at least a big 3 upgrade and the stuff @Dylan Beatz suggested. I posted this question to him as well but I have an opportunity to get 2 sundown x v2 15's for about 480. I know that would definitely require big electrical upgrades but what you think sbout that deal and those subs?
  14. Hey sorry for the delayed response. I had 2 immediate family members pass within 2 days about 2 weeks ago and been struggling and busy with that. Figured coming here and getting my mind off that might help.... but yeah so I got my box from a local shop. Just asked for specs and they said they would look it up and call back. But yeah so I'm thinking I'll do the big 3 upgrade and an agm battery as you suggested and switching to 0 gauge. I'm on a jl audio wiring kit that I know is ofc but only 4 or 6 gauge. Am I able to get an agm bat without also upgrading alternator? Also, I have an opportunity to get 2 sundown x v2 15's for about 480... i know they retail for about 600. I dont wanna break any rules but what do you think about that deal? I know that would definitely require big electrical upgrades and big amp. Do you also have any good suggestions on where I could find a quality amp at either 2000 watts for the x's or 3000-4000 if I went with the sun downs?
  15. Thank you a ton for that chart! I knew what clipping was but didnt really understand what it is... if that makes sense? That really helped me understand! Thank you. So even if a sub has an RMS of say 1500 and your only giving it 900, you could still end up clipping? But yeah SPL is what I'm looking for... and like I said, I love my type X's but just want more flex and feeling it in your chest if I'm able on my stock electric. And since I am new to the scene and haven't been able to listen to some of the more serious brands and hear possible different subs I'm interested in (like dc 3's, sundown, deaf bonce) to know how they compare to the X's... but if they are fairly similar to the X's and really upping my SPL will require an electrical upgrade before I go with a new sub I'll stick with what I have until I can upgrade electrical. Hopefully that makes sense.