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  1. Thank you a ton for that chart! I knew what clipping was but didnt really understand what it is... if that makes sense? That really helped me understand! Thank you. So even if a sub has an RMS of say 1500 and your only giving it 900, you could still end up clipping? But yeah SPL is what I'm looking for... and like I said, I love my type X's but just want more flex and feeling it in your chest if I'm able on my stock electric. And since I am new to the scene and haven't been able to listen to some of the more serious brands and hear possible different subs I'm interested in (like dc 3's, sundown, deaf bonce) to know how they compare to the X's... but if they are fairly similar to the X's and really upping my SPL will require an electrical upgrade before I go with a new sub I'll stick with what I have until I can upgrade electrical. Hopefully that makes sense.
  2. Thank you! See im glad to get answers I need to hear instead of what I want to hear. So what im confused about is both those subs have an RMS of 900. With 2 of them being run on a 1000 watt amp, each sub is only getting 500, so I'm trying to understand how they could be clipping when they're not even close to full RMS? I am definitely getting voltage drop but don't know how that would effect clipping either (I've been searching for the last ouple hours. Not just expecting you guys to tell me everything) the only thing I could come up with is maybe getting a capacitor? Any thoughts?
  3. Hey everyone, quick disclosure, I am a total noob but I appreciate any help. So I have 2 Alpine type X's (the new ones) in a 2017 Chevy impala running on a JL Audio RD1000.1. I know that I'm underpowering them and will be upgrading my amp very soon (despite my amp showing my subs are clipping with them getting only half the power of their rms) So I really do like my subs, but I rushed myself into this system before doing some real research on actual good high quality brands (sundown, dc, deaf bonce, etc...) and I'm wondering if there are any subs in the 1000-1500 RMS range that would give me more SPL? I was thinking about the dc level 3's but I dont know how they compare to the x's since I've never been able to hear any other brands other than the mainstream brands (JL, RF, Kicker, Alpine...)? Has anyone heard the new alpine X's and have a suggestion of anything in the same RMS range that would give me more SPL? Thanks for any help