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  1. bulldawgrc

    continuous on off amplifiers

    So I finally figured it out after testing everything. It is my classic car and it has electronic fuel injection. It auto tunes and it had dropped the idle rpm down to 750. I bumped the idle rpm to 850-900 and all is well. I literally ripped my car apart for a couple days. Stupid oversight.
  2. So i have 3 amplifiers( 1 for the 2 12", 1 for front speakers and one for the rear interior speakers). I only have 1 battery and it is a redtop. Recently it seems to have a continual on off when car is not moving more so then anything else. Seems to not happen as often when i am on the accelerator. I thought it was a power loss issue so i turned the gains down. Also thought maybe it was my alternator but i tested with voltmeter and it showed 14.5V. The only other thing that i have done was that i connected a fan to one of the amps ground and 12v remote wire to help keep sub amp cool. Could something this simple be causing the constant on off? Could this be a bad ground wire ? a bad RCA? or do i need to go with a high output alternator.